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Osma Acres Farm

  CooP Memberships Available
  Directions to our Farm
  Farm Operations Summary  
  2015 Planting Plan
  1 Yr of Hoop House Farming
Hello Members and Friends,
    this info sheet is a summary of our Osma Acres Farm CSA operations for the current year Harvest season.

  I am sure you will enjoy our farm fresh produce and berries this year.
  You will find you pay less (5%-10%) for our farm fresh produce as compared to the local grocery markets.

  Our operation is fairly easy to understand.
    1.  Members pay a deposit (Normally In March) to Osma Acres Farm for produce items they will purchase during the harvest season.
    2.  Osma Acres Farm CSA will utilize the member deposits to plant, cultivate and harvest the produce (May-November). A planned planting list is sent out to Members in March; it will list the various vegetables we will plant in mid  April. We use no herbicides, insecticides or genetically engineered seeds or plants.
    3.  Osma Acres Farm CSA sends a weekly email to members as each produce item becomes available; the weekly produce list includes the prices and order units  for each available item. Produce may also be ordered using our Online Produce Order Form; which is  on this web site at the Fresh  Produce Order Form link on the Home Page.
    4.  Members indicate the produce items and quantities they want and return the produce order list to Osma Acres Farm CSA via eMail or subit it from this website.
    5.  Members may pick up their order at the Osma Acres Farm or at a pickup location published by Osma Acres Farm CSA; this year we will have one pickup point each week; Shopko Parking lot Sat 11AM-12 Noon. We park at the end of the Shopko lot near the Shell gas station.
    6.  Members may participate in activities at the farm; Osma Acres Farm CSA publishes periodic newsletters for members which lists the upcoming activities at the farm. Activities involve planting, weeding and such; members receive $5 in produce purchase credits for each hour of farm labor.
    7.  Members may purchase more or less than their Membership deposit during a given year. Any unused deposit will carry forward to the following harvest year. Members pay weekly for purchases after they have utilized the initial Membership deposit. We accept Bridge/food stamp cards, credit cards, Senior Fresh Produce coupons and  WIC Fresh Produce coupons.

  I look forward to seeing each of you this year at our farm Co-op, the Osma Acres Farm CSA.

Billy Lell
Manager, Osma Acres Farmers Market & CSA
906-493-0586 or  906-281-4949

Osma Acres Farm CSA Operations
1. From M26 West, turn right on Houghton Canal Rd
2. Proceed on Houghton Canal Road through Oskar for approximately 2 miles to Osma Road / Osma Plat Rd.
3. Turn Right on Osma Rd for about 100 yards; there will be 3 white mailboxes on the right at Osma Acres Rd.
4. Turn right on Osma Acres Rd; Osma Acres Farm is the first house on the left.

It is about 5.5 miles from M26 and Houghton Canal Rd to Osma Acres Farm CSA

Directions to Osma Acres Farm
Download  Directions to Osma Acres Farm
Down load Osma  Acres Farm CSA Operations

Beans, Green  1600 row feet
Beets   we will plant 300-400 plants
Carrots  150 row feet
Corn, Sweet Yellow  (NK199 – medium sweet) 800 row feet
Cucumbers (Pickling & Slicing) 100 row feet
Cucumbers (English Burp less) 100 row feet  
Egg Plants 100 Plants
Herbs: Basil- Sweet, Basil-Lemon, Chives-common,
   Chives-Garlic, Dill, Fern leaf, Cilantro, Lemon
   Balm, Marjoram-sweet, Oregano, Sage, Parsley  
Lettuce Romaine & butter crunch 200 row feet each
Onions (yellow, white, Bunching)  600-800 plants
Pac-Choy 100 Row feet
Parsnips 200 row feet
Pumpkin, Sugar Pie variety  200 row feet
Raspberries (Red)  300 plants
Rutabaga 200 Row Feet
Spinach  100 row feet
Strawberries  900 row feet ~ 1200 plants
Squash, Winter, Acorn  300 row feet
Squash, Summer Gold  100 row feet
Squash, Winter, Butternut  200 row feet
Squash, Zucchini  200 row feet
Tomatoes, Red 300 plants

Produce will be available June through October
906-483-0586 or 906-281-4949

  Osma Acres Farm planted 300 Tomato Plants & 100 Eggplants in our greenhouse on 16 April. On 26 May 2015 The Tomatoes were  2 feet tall and full of blooms; see our Power Point Presentation.
  We will continue offering $3 of FREE TOMATOES for each NEW email address we receive; we want to introduce the community to our farm and our new green house operations. Please continue to inform your friends and acquaintances that we will continue this offer until 15 July.
  We will email notify all respondents when the tomatoes are ready and when we will be delivering them at the ShopKo parking lot. Email requests to


Companion Planting
1 Yr of Hoop House Farming
Trellising Veggies
Blooms And Veggies.
Pollination and Pruning
Harvesting Tomatoes
Harvesting Green Beans
Harvesting Cucumbers
Harvesting Egg Plants
We will have 2-3 plantings/Crops of various vegetables each year in the Hoop House between Apr-Nov with winter crops planted in Nov. The Blue underlined entries have links to online presentations & the others are for later in the year.
Sep 7-10 2014
Apr 16 2015
May 20 2015
May 20 2015
May 22 2015
Jul 14 2015
Jul 21 2015
Aug 22 2015
Sep 15 2015
Winter Planting
Oct 1 2015
Pollinating Egg Plants
Jul 21 2015