Read the following information before clicking on the icon above.
Be sure to scroll up to Row 2 and fill in contact information in Columns H, I & J
Then Enter the Qty number of each item you want that is listed as Available NOW
Then click on the File tab in the upper left Corner & Then select the Send To and Mail Recipient (as Attachment) option of the Mail form. If asked for Mail recipient
  Enter manager@osmaacresfarm.com in the To line which appears below the message, If you see the message
  "This message has not been sent" THEN click the Send button which is above that message. Then click the Save icon (appears as a Floppy disk) and save the copy to your MY Documents file. Then email me the copy you just saved to:

  The form will come to me and I will process your order.
  Now click on the icon above and start creating your order.